Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones: From the Ancient World to the Era of Human Rights

TitleSexual Violence in Conflict Zones: From the Ancient World to the Era of Human Rights
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsHeineman, Elizabeth D.
Number of Pages342
PublisherUniversity of Philadelphia Press

Drawing on examples from the ancient world to the two world wars, from the conquest of the Americas to Muslim Central Asia, this collection of essays brings together historical work with human rights scholarship to explore the history of wartime sexual violence, its long-term consequences, and transitions to peacetime society. Since the 1990s, sexual violence in conflict zones has received much media attention. In large part as a result of grassroots feminist organizing in the 1970s and 1980s, mass rapes in the wars in the former Yugoslavia and during the Rwandan genocide received widespread coverage, and international organizations—from courts to NGOs to the UN—have engaged in systematic efforts to hold perpetrators accountable and to ameliorate the effects of wartime sexual violence. Yet many millennia of conflict preceded these developments, and we know little about the longer-term history of conflict based sexual violence. Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones helps to fill in the historical gaps. It provides insight into subjects that are of deep concern to the human rights community, such as the aftermath of conflict-based sexual violence, legal strategies for prosecuting it, the economic functions of sexual violence, and the ways perceived religious or racial difference can create or aggravate settings of sexual danger.

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