Feminism, Philanthropy & Patriotism: Female Associational Life in the Ottoman Empire

TitleFeminism, Philanthropy & Patriotism: Female Associational Life in the Ottoman Empire
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsOs, Nicole A. N. M. van
Number of Pages570
PublisherUniversiteit Leiden: Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen

By describing and analyzing the feminist, charitable and patriotic activities of Ottoman Muslim women during the period 1908-1918, the study sought to get a better understanding of the identity claims which are part of the particular form of discourse which nationalism is and to show how the processes of community and nation building and the creation of state identities in the late Ottoman Empire were gendered. It shows that Ottoman Muslim women with their organizations and activities not only reflected the multi-tier identities prevailing in late Ottoman society, but actively took part in shaping and reshuffling them and that knowledge of the activities of Ottoman (Muslim) women in the many feminist, philanthropic and patriotic organizations which existed during the last decades of the Ottoman Empire is indispensible for a better understanding of the development of nationalism(s) in the late Ottoman era and the identity claims involved in it.

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