Revolution and Defeat: The Story of the Greek Communist Party

TitleRevolution and Defeat: The Story of the Greek Communist Party
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1965
AuthorsD. Kousoulas, George
Number of Pages306
PublisherOxford University Press

This is a fair-minded and informative history of the Greek Communist Party from its inception in 1918 until 1964, when, after twice nearly winning power in Greece, only a shattered, exiled remnant survived. Kousoulas supplements published sources with information derived from participants' recollections and private records. In particular, he was able to use the memories, diaries, and papers of Kapetan Orestis [Andreas Mountrihas], one of the leading figures in the Communist-led resistance movement of World War II. Orestis' information provides several new insights into details of Communist policy, particularly in connection with the unsuccessful attempt to seize power in December 1944. [William H. McNeill]

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