They Destroyed Iraq and Called it Freedom

TitleThey Destroyed Iraq and Called it Freedom
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsSimons, G. L.
Number of Pages432
CitySurrey, UK

This devastatingly graphic text charts the course of the US-led occupation of Iraq in unprecedented detail from the 2003 invasion to the start of the military 'surge' in early 2007. A month-by-month chronology - often conveyed with harrowing focus - addresses all the main elements of this unfolding catastrophe. The author describes military activities, the impact on the Iraqi civilian population, the gross neglect by coalition and insurgent forces of basic human rights, and the shifting political postures of the US Government and the Iraqi authorities. Simons' account traces the evolution of Iraq's nominal state power from the Iraqi Governing Council through the adoption of a new Constitution, and restrictive nation wide elections, purportedly intended to establish democracy but, in truth, encouraging sectarian divisions and social chaos. The book also includes shocking thematic chapters on the predatory role of international corporations, the suffering of civilians, the widespread use of torture and the relevance of domestic and international law. Such material clearly illuminates the most disastrous Western foreign policy in recent times. [Google Books]

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