Women in Iraq: Past Meets Present

TitleWomen in Iraq: Past Meets Present
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsEfrati, Noga
Number of Pages257
PublisherColumbia University Press
CityNew York

In this volume, the author outlines the first social and political history of women in Iraq during the periods of British occupation and the British-backed Hashimite monarchy (1917-1958). She traces the harsh and long-lasting implications of British state-building on Iraqi women, particularly their legal and political enshrinement as second-class citizens, and the struggle by women's rights activists to counter this precedent. The author concludes with a discussion of post-Saddam Iraq and the women's associations now claiming their place in government. Finding common threads between these two generations of women, the author underscores the organic roots of the current fight for gender equality shaped by a memory of oppression under the monarchy.

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