The Female King of Colonial Nigeria: Ahebi Ugbabe

TitleThe Female King of Colonial Nigeria: Ahebi Ugbabe
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsAchebe, Nwando
Number of Pages305
PublisherIndiana University Press

In this biography, the author presents the history of an Igbo woman, Ahebi Ugbabe, who became king in colonial Nigeria. As a young woman, Ugbabe was exiled from Igboland, became a prostitute, traveled widely, and learned to speak many languages. She became a close companion of Nigerian Igala kings and the British officers who supported her claim to the office of headman, warrant chief, and later, king. In this volume, the author traces the roots of Ugbabe's rise to fame and fortune. While providing critical perspectives on women, gender, sex and sexuality, and the colonial encounter, she also considers how it was possible for this woman to take on the office and responsibilities of a traditionally male role.

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