La grande guerra / The Great War

TitleLa grande guerra / The Great War
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1959
AuthorsMonicelli, Mario
Running Time2h 17min
Date Released09/05/1959
DistributorEuro International Films
Publication LanguageItalian

This acclaimed Italian film mixes the comedy of an odd couple and the horrors of war, offering an ironic account of life in the trenches on the Italian front of World War I and the vicissitudes of a group of comrades fighting there in 1916. Two young men lacking in idealism and heroism become fast friends, united by the desire to avoid any danger in order to emerge unscathed from the war. When captured by Austrians, they debate whether to sacrifice themselves for Italy or save their lives by turning over critical information. The film was a critical and commercial success not only in Italy, but also internationally. 

Original PublicationLa grande guerra
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