Thwara Zanj / Zanj Revolution

TitleThwara Zanj / Zanj Revolution
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsTeguia, Tariq
Running Time137 min
Date Released2014
DistributorNeffa Distribution
Publication LanguageFrench

This film asks large questions about resistance, oppression, and pan-Arabism within the context of the global War on Terror. A journalist travels to Beirut to uncover the forgotten history of the Zanj revolution in the 9th century Abbasid Caliphate. He meets a Palestinian refugee looking to understand her family's and nation's history. Their quests to find meaning in hidden histories contrast sharply with an American soldier's obsession with wealth. 

Alternate TitleRevolution Zendj
Original PublicationThwara Zanj
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