Sugihara Chiune / Persona Non Grata

TitleSugihara Chiune / Persona Non Grata
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsGluck, Cellin
Running Time139 min
Date Released10/2015
Publication LanguageJapanese

Based on a true story, this film shows how Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat, saved the lives of thousands Jewish refugees during World War II. After serving in Manchuria during the Second Sino-Japanese War, Sugihara takes a post in Lithuania. His professionalism dictates he follows the alliance between Japan and Germany, but he increasingly questions his orders when faced with the moral dilemma of the Holocaust. Sugihara issued over 6,000 travel visas for Jews to visit Japan.

Original PublicationSugihara Chiune / 杉原千畝 スギハラチウネ
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