The Papers of Sir William Johnson

TitleThe Papers of Sir William Johnson
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1921
AuthorsSullivan, James, and William Johnson
Number of Volumes14
PublisherUniversity of the State of New York
CityAlbany, NY

The Papers of Sir William Johnson is a 14-volume collection, published between 1921 and 1965, of the printed transcripts, letters and exchanges of Sir WIlliam Johnson, 1st Baronet (c. 1715–1774). The importance of this collection for the history of the period which it covers can scarcely be overestimated. Johnson, in his official capacity as an Irish colonial administrator or as a military officer during the French and Indian War (1754–1763), and in the conduct of his private affairs, corresponded with people in all walks of life. His papers, consisting of letters sent and received, bills, accounts and other classes too numerous to specify, form an invaluable source of information, not only for the political and military, but also for the social, industrial and agricultural history of the times. The contents of the volumes are as follows: 

  • Volume 1: Period of settlement (1738-1744), King George's War (1744-1748), period of peace (1749-1755), preliminary campaigns (1755).
  • Volume 2: Preliminary Campaigns, (1755-1756), Seven Years' War. 
  • Volume 3: The Seven Years' War.
  • Volume 4: Post-war period, (1763-1774).
  • Volume 5: Post-war period, (1763-1774).
  • Volume 6: Post-war period, (1763-1774).
  • Volume 7: Post-war period, (1763-1774).
  • Volume 8: Post-war period, (1763-1774).
  • Volume 9: Period of settlement (1738-1744), King George's War (1744-1748), period of peace (1749-1755), preliminary campaigns (1755-1756).
  • Volume 10: The Seven Years' War, the Indian uprising (1764-1765).
  • Volume 12: Indian affairs to treaty of Fort Stanwix (1766-1768), Indian affairs and land development (1769-1774).
  • Volume 13: William Johnson's affairs (1738-1755), Sir William's affairs (1756-1758), the Niagara campaign (1759), Warren Johnson's journal (1760-61), the Detroit journal (1761), building Johnson Hall (1763), land and Indian affairs (1764-1773), Sir William's passing (1774).
  • Volume 14: General index.
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