Lord Loudoun in North America

TitleLord Loudoun in North America
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1933
AuthorsPargellis, Stanley McCrory
Number of Pages399
PublisherYale University Press
CityNew Haven, CT

This monograph is a study of the high command of John Campbell, 4th Earl of Loudoun (1705–1782) in North America in the years 1756 and 1757 when, as the author points out in the preface, "the basic factor in British colonial policy [...] was a traditional belief that the colonies should bear the chief burden in men and costs of their own defence." As commander-in-chief, Loudoun not only exercised authority over various branches of his army, but also carried duties and powers with regards to the governing bodies in the colonies. This study combines together not only the biographical details of Loudoun's life, including his military campaigns, but also his engagement in colonial administrations. 

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