Gender in the Atlantic World: Women’s Writing in Iberia and Latin America

TitleGender in the Atlantic World: Women’s Writing in Iberia and Latin America
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsVollendorf, Lisa, and Grady C. Wray
EditorBraun, Harald E., and Lisa Vollendorf
Book TitleTheorising the Ibero-American Atlantic
PublisherBrill Academic Publishers
CityLeiden ; Boston

By focusing on women who resisted and assisted the imperial enterprise in Iberia and the Americas, this chapter probes the contours of the Atlantic diaspora from the perspective of women and gender and lays claim to the centrality of women's textual and cultural history to Atlantic world studies. Similarly, it urges a more nuanced approach to gender history, one that transcends the common divisions between Europeanists and Latin Americanists and aims to map women more successfully onto the Atlantic world. Focusing on women as economic, political, and cultural actors, the chapter assesses current research and builds on the promise of Atlantic studies for the better integration of women into Ibero-American studies in the pre-nineteenth century era. It talks about three concepts that have provided a framework for the study of women and gender in colonial Latin America and early modern Spain: power, patriarchy, and authority. [publisher]

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