Immediate, Not Gradual Abolition

TitleImmediate, Not Gradual Abolition
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1837
AuthorsHeyrick, Elizabeth Coltman
Number of Pages35

The annexed pamphlet, written by Elizabeth Heyrick, of Leicester, England, was published and extensively circulated in 1824. It proved greatly advantageous to the cause of Emancipation in the British West Indies. Until this time, Wilberforce and the other leading abolitionists in Great Britain, had directed all their energy towards the abolition of the Slave Trade, under an impression that when this was accomplished the evils of slavery would be gradually mitigated, and the whole system would soon come to an end;—in a word, they were gradualists. This pamphlet changed their views; they now attacked slavery as a sin to be forsaken immediately and the result is known. A limited edition was published that same year in this city, and within the sphere of its circulation excited so much feeling and interest, as induces the belief that a republication will be attended with very beneficial consequences. A third edition is now offered to the American public. It is commended to the attentive, serious perusal of the reader, as the same principles and duties that apply to slavery in the West Indies, are equally applicable to that which exists in the United States.

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