Fearless Women in the Mexican Revolution and the Spanish Civil War

TitleFearless Women in the Mexican Revolution and the Spanish Civil War
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsLinhard, Tabea Alexa
Number of Pages282
PublisherUniversity of Missouri Press
CityColumbia, MO

In this study of the role women played in two of the most momentous revolutions of the twentieth century, the author provides a comparative analysis of works on the Mexican Revolution (circa 1910–1919) and the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939). Although female figures such as the soldaderas of the Mexican Revolution and the milicianas of the Spanish Civil War are abundant in writings about revolution and war, they are often treated as icons, myths, and symbols, displacing the women’s particular and diverse experiences. The author maintains a focus on these women’s stories, which until now—when presented at all—have usually been downplayed in literary canons, official histories, and popular memories. She addresses several existing gaps in studies of the intersections of gender, revolution, and culture in both the Mexican and the Spanish contexts.

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