Kannibale-Werden: Eine postkoloniale Geschichte deutscher Männlichkeit um 1900

TitleKannibale-Werden: Eine postkoloniale Geschichte deutscher Männlichkeit um 1900
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBischoff, Eva
Number of Pages382

A post-colonial history of German manhood. Eva Bischoff reconstructs the ties between the discourses of the colonial, the criminological, the anthropological, and medical cannibalism around 1900. This book identifies the cannibal as a central reference point for the construction of European male gender identities. At the same time, it demonstrates the extent to which a continuum of male (ab)normality was constructed instead of a mere binary difference between the white man and the cannibalistic others. This book is an innovative contribution to the question of the intersectionality of gender.

Translated TitleBecoming Cannibals: A Postcolonial History of German Masculinity around 1900
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