Les métamorphoses du masculin

TitleLes métamorphoses du masculin
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsCastelain-Meunier, Christine
Number of Pages200
PublisherPresses Universitaires de France

How do young men maintain love with their partner? What role does pornography play in their representations? How do fathers experience their fatherhood? How do separated fathers talk to their children on the phone? Men have changed. They are now experiencing a metamorphosis in the relationship with the masculine, promoted by some and violently opposed by others, to such an extent that we can speak of a socio-cultural divide in the representations that men have of themselves. . Why these upsurges in violence among some, this withdrawal into a defensive masculinity? How do others experience these transformations? We can only answer these questions by comparing the first generation of men from feminism with the second, post-feminist, and by selecting sections of life, by varying the approaches and angles, whether it is origins, transmission, body, beauty, clothes, feelings, sexuality, fatherhood, communication ... Through surveys and research carried out for more than a quarter of century, this work invites us to take the full measure of the metamorphoses of the male condition in the relationship with oneself and others, with women and children, with production and reproduction, with violence or with pornography.

Translated TitleThe Metamorphoses of the Male
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