Männergeschichte — Geschlechtergeschichte: Männlichkeit im Wandel der Moderne

TitleMännergeschichte — Geschlechtergeschichte: Männlichkeit im Wandel der Moderne
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsKühne, Thomas
Number of Pages220
PublisherCampus Verlag
CityFrankfurt am Main

"When is a man a man?" The contributions in this multifaceted German volume from the early 1990s seek the answer not in in the conceptualization of masculinity as a supposedly unchangeable, biological conditions, but as a cultural constructs. Just as women's history has made women visible as women, men's history needs to focus on the gender-specific experiences of men and on the images men have of the "right" man. In this way, "men's history" makes it clear that there were many masculinities and that what is considered to be male has often changed in the course of history - and is therefore also changeable in the future!. This volume presents early work on the history of masculinity by German gender historians.

Translated TitleMen's History — Gender History: Masculinity in the Course of Modernity
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