Ehre und Pflichterfüllung als Codes militärischer Tugenden

TitleEhre und Pflichterfüllung als Codes militärischer Tugenden
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsLudwig, Ulrike, Markus Pöhlmann, and John Zimmermann
Number of Pages292

Honor and the fulfillment of duty were and are concepts that are closely linked to the military: They are considered codes for virtues such as bravery, courage, readiness to fight, obedience, love of the fatherland, honesty, and loyalty. But as self-evident as such a location may seem, behind honor and the fulfillment of duty there are conglomerations of very different ideas hidden in a historical perspective. This volume opens a first path into this thematic field. It brings together the results of current research, which present the constants and differences between honor and duty in a temporally and spatially broad approach. [publisher]

Translated TitleHonor and Duty as Codes of Military Virtues
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