Glanz—Gewalt—Gehorsam: Militär und Gesellschaft in der Habsburgermonarchie (1800 bis 1918)

TitleGlanz—Gewalt—Gehorsam: Militär und Gesellschaft in der Habsburgermonarchie (1800 bis 1918)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsCole, Laurence, Christa Hämmerle, and Martin Scheutz
Number of Pages433

This edited collection applies the theories and approaches of the 'new military history' to the Hapsburg monarchy, covering many topics that previous Hapsburg military histories have ignored--from military discipline to soldiers' high suicide rates, to cross-dressing in plays put on by prisoners of war. All essays but one focus on the period after 1848, and while the research is more focused on Austria than on Hungary, the innovation and creativity of these essays' approaches makes this collection a watershed in the military historiography of the Habsburg empire.

Translated TitleGlamour—Violence—Obedience: Military and Society in the Habsburg Monarchy (1800 to 1918)
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