Mascolinità italiane: Italienische Männlichkeiten im 20. Jahrhundert

TitleMascolinità italiane: Italienische Männlichkeiten im 20. Jahrhundert
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsKühberger, Christoph, and Roman Reisinger
Number of Pages144

This anthology attempts to provide suggestions for an in-depth study of Italian Men's Studies without building up a normative concept. The contributions from six different disciplines (literary studies, political science, history, media studies, and linguistics) attempt not only to emphasize the interdisciplinary character, but also to point out the potentials that such studies have for neighboring sciences. The aim is not to draw a coherent and total picture of the concepts of masculinity, men's spaces and guiding images that can be found in Italy, but to provide a cross-sectional insight into the field of research via selective approaches in order to set impulses.

Translated TitleMascolinità Italiane: Italian Masculinities in the 20th Century
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