Seeing Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in International Security

TitleSeeing Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in International Security
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSjoberg, Laura
JournalInternational Journal: Canada's Journal of Global Policy Analysis
Date Published09/2015

This essay examines the roles that sex, gender, and sexuality can play in the study of international security. It makes the argument that “hard” security pressing questions like wars, genocides, and terrorist attacks and issues of gender, sex, and sexuality are linked. It begins by providing information about the recent and ongoing conflict in Libya as a case study. Then, it explores some of the questions that feminist and queer scholars have asked about international security in turn: where are the “women” in global politics? Where is “gender” and what does it matter? How do gender dynamics influence war and conflict? Do issues of sex and sexuality matter to war and conflict? If so, how? What tools are available to study these questions and produce answers in any given political situation?

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