Guerre d'Algérie : Le sexe outragé

TitleGuerre d'Algérie : Le sexe outragé
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsBrun, Catherine, and Todd Shepard
Number of Pages300
PublisherCNRS Editions

Sexual representations were omnipresent in the rhetoric and conduct of the war known as "Algerian" on the French side, and "for national liberation" on the Algerian side. Rape, torture, emasculation, the sale of bodies: this work, which mixes history, literature, visual art, anthropology, psychoanalysis and sociology, interrogates the role of these actions in the imaginary of the conflict, in its memory, in the organization of the two nations. It invites a reconsideration of the question of colonial violence. More than an historical study of such exactions during the war, this anthology offers an analysis of the omnipresence of the sexual question in this conflict, in which both sides portrayed a feminized enemy and a hypermasculine power. Through the interplay of critical texts and fictional fragments, this work treats the conflict as a war between the sexes, and the politics of gender which was supposed to regulate it, and which still weighs upon us. [publisher]

Translated TitleAlgerian War: The Outraged Sex
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