Guerres, mythes et caricatures: au Berceau d’une mentalité française

TitleGuerres, mythes et caricatures: au Berceau d’une mentalité française
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1984
AuthorsReshef, Ouriel
Number of Pages232
PublisherPresses de la Foundacion des Sciences Politiques

Cartoons perform two apparently contradictory functions: they contribute to creating the modem myths which they then vehiculate; at the same time, they demystify. Having examined several thousand cartoons, of which forty are reproduced, the author undertakes an analysis of the ravages of war on the human spirit and unveils the mechanism of this ordeal, through a case study of the Franco-Prussian war of 1870. That war was chosen because it provides a particularly rich store of imagination. Because cartoons designed in times of crisis tell us little about others and much about ourselves, Ouriel Reshef uses them as as tools for historical research which, sometimes better than other tools, enable us to reconstruct modes of thinking, events and mentalities. This original reading throws new light on the birth and development of "a certain idea of France", which was to dominate the mind of three generations of Frenchmen. It leads to a philosophical reflection on war and its effects on societies. [SciencesPro]

Translated TitleWars, Myths and Caricatures: The Cradle of a French Mentality
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