The Haitian Maroons: Liberty or Death

TitleThe Haitian Maroons: Liberty or Death
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1972
AuthorsFouchard, Jean
Number of Pages386
PublisherEdward W Blyden Press
CityNew York

The setting is Saint-Domingue, the richest of all the European colonies in the Americas. The time embraces the earliest days of the colony and focuses sharply on the closing years of the 18th century. The protagonists are the masses of fugitive slaves, men and women maroons, and their unsung leaders such as Boukman, Macandal, Polydor, who by guile, determination and bloody sacrifice made it possible to create the Haitian republic. All told against the backdrop of daily slave life and the politics of the mainland and the colony."Jean Fouchard was a Haitian historian, journalist, and diplomat. Fouchard was born in Port-au-Prince and earned a law degree there. He worked as a journalist, founding the periodical La Relèvé, and as a diplomat, serving as the ambassador to Cuba. He is best known for his historical publications.

Original PublicationLes Marrons de la liberté (Paris: Editions de l'Ecole, 1971, 580 pages)
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