The Diligent: A Voyage Through the Worlds of the Slave Trade

TitleThe Diligent: A Voyage Through the Worlds of the Slave Trade
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsHarms, Robert
Number of Pages466
PublisherBasic Books
CityNew York

The slave trade is one of the best known yet least understood processes in our history. The popular image of traders in slave ships going to Africa and rounding up slaves as if they were cattle is not only historically inaccurate, it also disguises the fact that the slave trade was a highly organized Atlantic-wide system that required close collaboration at the highest levels of government in Europe, Africa, and the New World. Using the private journal of First Lieutenant Robert Durand, and supplementing it with a wealth of archival research, the author re-creates in this volume the voyage of the French slave ship The Diligent. The volume is a deep bore into the economic, political, and moral worldviews of the participants on all sides of the trade, complete with a vivid dramatis personae. 

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