Hine Sight: Black Women and the Reconstruction of American History

TitleHine Sight: Black Women and the Reconstruction of American History
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsHine, Darlene Clark
Number of Pages290
PublisherIndiana University Press

This collection of essays aims to re-evaluate American history by centering the experiences and histories of Black women. As members of two subordinate groups in American society, Black women fell between the cracks of Black history and women's history, and have therefore been relatively under-researched. This collection is divided into four parts. What connects the essays in part one of this collection is a challenge to historians of the Black experience and historians of women to pay attention to African American women and not simply assume that "Blacks" or "slaves" refers only to men or that "physicians" or "nurses" refers only to whites. The essays that make up Part 2 reflect on other forms and manifestations of Black women's resistance. The essays in Part 3 focus on Black nurses and underscore that without the institution-building initiative of Black leaders and the material and moral support of the Black community, the trained Black nurse would not have existed. The final section of the book includes essays on Black studies and Black historiography. 

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