Women Field Workers in Jamaica during Slavery

TitleWomen Field Workers in Jamaica during Slavery
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsMair, Lucille Mathurin
EditorMoore, Brian L., B.W. Higman, Carl Campbell, and Patrick Bryan
Book TitleSlavery, Freedom and Gender: The Dynamics of Caribbean Society
PublisherUniversity of the West Indies Press
CityKingston, Jamaica

Any attempt to reconstruct the past of Jamaican female agricultural labour is bedevilled by the colonial/metropolitan orientation of much of Caribbean historiography. This is perhaps inevitable, given the primacy of European strategic and commercial interests in the establishment of New World plantations. As a result the enslaved African men and women who laboured in those plantations have been submerged in the archives, for centuries, barely making it to the footnotes. This chapter attempts to rectify women's near-invisibility in the historiography of slave labor in the Caribbean by analyzing literature to present a fuller picture of the field work in which women engaged during slavery.

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