Women in Africa and the African Diaspora: A Reader

TitleWomen in Africa and the African Diaspora: A Reader
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1996
Series EditorTerborg-Penn, Rosalyn, and Andrea Benton Rushing
Number of Pages286
PublisherHoward University Press
CityWashington D.C.

The second edition of this reader on women of the African diaspora group essays by themes and add new essays by Lucille Mair and others. The result is a better organized, expanded volume which clarifies the concept and guidelines for studies of women across cultural and disciplinary boundary lines. -- Midwest Book Review

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African feminism: a worldwide perspective / Filomina Chioma Steady --

African feminism: a theoretical approach to the history of women in the African diaspora / Rosalyn Terborg-Penn --

Anthropological research methods for the study of black women in the Caribbean / A. Lynn Bolles --

Psychological research methods: women in the African diaspora / Saundra Murray Nettles --

The "status of women" in indigenous African societies / Niara Sudarkasa --

African-American women missionaries confront the African way of life / Sylvia M. Jacobs --

Privilege without power: women in African cults and churches / Bennetta Jules-Rosette --

On becoming a feminist: learning from Africa / Andrea Benton Rushing --

Extended family involvement of urban Kenyan professional women / Harriette Pipes McAdoo and Miriam K. Were --

Women field workers in Jamaica during slavery / Lucille Mathurin Mair --

To be gifted, female, and black / Darlene Clark Hine --

God's divas: women singers in African-American poetry / Andrea Benton Rushing --

The Feast of Good Death: an Afro-Catholic emancipation celebration in Brazil / Sheila S. Walker --

Slavery and women in Africa and the diaspora / Rosalyn Terborg-Penn --

The black female presence in black Francophone literature / Karen Smyley Wallace --

Images of black women in New World literature: a comparative approach / Martha K. Cobb --

Afra-Hispanic writers and feminist discourse / Miriam DeCosta-Willis --

African diaspora women: the making of cultural workers / Bernice Johnson Reagon.

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