A Constant Heart: The War Diaries of Maud Russell, 1938-1945

TitleA Constant Heart: The War Diaries of Maud Russell, 1938-1945
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsRussell, Maud, and Emily Russell
Number of Pages320
PublisherThe Dovecote Press
CityWimborne Minster, Dorset, UK

The publication of Maud Russell’s diaries is of considerable importance. Few diaries covering the Second World War remain unpublished, even less weave together so many strands; politics, art, high society, wartime life on a country estate, the unfolding drama of the war itself – the last brought into even sharper focus by Maud’s struggle to help her Jewish relatives flee Nazi Germany. Together with her husband Gilbert, Maud’s principal home was Mottisfont Abbey in Hampshire, described by John Julius Norwich in his foreword as ‘the most desirable house in England’, and which she later gave to the National Trust. The daughter of German immigrants, Maud was an outsider who owed her place in society to her wealth and marriage. To many she was an enigma, but the diaries reveal a woman of strong emotion with an immense appetite for life. [publisher]

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