Sexual Violence, Rape, and Pogroms, 1903-1920

TitleSexual Violence, Rape, and Pogroms, 1903-1920
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAlroey, Gur
JournalJewish Culture and History
Date Published09/2017

The article examines the pogroms from a gender perspective, with the focus on violence against Jewish women and especially rape and divided into four sections. The first part comes a critical examination of the primary documents and a consideration of several ethical questions that arise when addressing the phenomenon. The second part is a short review of the pogroms, from the start of the twentieth century through the end of the Russian Civil War. The third part looks at the violence and assaults against Jewish women. The fourth considers why the Jewish society muted discussion of these rapes in the years after the pogroms.

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