Krieg-Politik-Schreiben: Tagebücher von Frauen (1918-1950)

TitleKrieg-Politik-Schreiben: Tagebücher von Frauen (1918-1950)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsGerhalter, Li, and Christa Hämmerle
Number of Pages176
PublisherBöhlau Verlag

In the 20th century, more women than ever before kept a diary. They did so against the background of political upheaval and the catastrophe of two world wars, which they wrote their records in a complex way, quite unlike the usual topos of privacy. The contributions of this book attest to this. They introduce the research discussion and point to the hybridity and diversity of the diary genre. It served the bookkeeping as the soliloquy and the documentation of everyday life, the memory, the witnessing of suffering and persecution and a constant self-construction. Diaries of both known and unknown women are examined - from Rosa Mayreder to Elise Richter to a miller named Theresia Vogt. [Publisher]

Translated TitleWar-Policy-Writing: Diaries of Women (1918-1950)
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