Rebuilding Bridges: Toward a Feminist Research Agenda for Postwar Reconstruction

TitleRebuilding Bridges: Toward a Feminist Research Agenda for Postwar Reconstruction
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsBergeron, S
JournalPolitics and Gender
Start Page715
Date Published12/2017

As feminists who think about war and peacebuilding, we cannot help but encounter the complex, entwined political economic processes that underlie wars' causes, their courses, and the challenges of postwar reconstruction. For us, then, the increasing academic division between feminist security studies (FSS) and feminist (international) political economy (FPE/FIPE) has been a cause for concern, and we welcomed Politics & Gender's earlier Critical Perspectives section on efforts to bridge the two (June 2015). We noticed, however, that although violence was addressed in several of the special section's articles, war made only brief and somewhat peripheral appearances, and peacebuilding was all but absent. While three contributions (Hudson 2015; Sjoberg 2015; True 2015) mentioned the importance of political economy in the analysis of armed conflict, the aspects of war on which the articles focused were militarized sexualities (Sjoberg 2015) or conflict-related and postwar sexual and gender-based violence (Hudson 2015; True 2015).

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