Donne di fronte alla guerra : Pace, diritti e democrazia (1878-1918)

TitleDonne di fronte alla guerra : Pace, diritti e democrazia (1878-1918)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsBartoloni, Stefania
Number of Pages241
PublisherEditori Laterza
CityBari, Italy

Unlike the many men ready to measure themselves in what they considered a heroic and electrifying adventure, Italian women did not invoke war. Then there was a group of utopians, linked to an international network of militants, who made a firm criticism of the male power system. For that elite of feminists and suffragists, it was the men at the head of governments and diplomacy, who chose to settle conflicts between nations through the instrument of war, that caused pain and bloodshed. For this reason, in the years between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and during the First World War, they demanded more rights and more democracy for women and urged their participation in decisions on national and international affairs. [publisher]

Translated TitleWomen in the Face of War: Peace, Rights and Democracy (1878-1918)
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