Sisters in the Sky

TitleSisters in the Sky
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsScharr, Adela Riek
Volume1: The WAFS (1986); 2: The WASPS (1988)
Number of Volumes2
Number of PagesVol. 1: 531; vol. 2: 758
PublisherPatrice Press
CitySt. Louis, MO

This two volumes explore the history of the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS) and the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) (also Women's Army Service Pilots or Women's Auxiliary Service Pilots) in the United States during and after World War II. The WAFS went into operation in 1942. Soon, the Air Transport Command began using women to ferry planes from factory to airfields. The WASP was as a civilian women pilots' organization, whose members were US federal civil service employees. Members of WASP became trained pilots who tested aircraft, ferried aircraft, and trained other pilots. Their purpose was to free male pilots for combat roles during World War II. Despite various members of the armed forces being involved in the creation of the program, the WASP and its members had no military standing.

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