Behold, I shine: narratives of Kashmir's women and children

TitleBehold, I shine: narratives of Kashmir's women and children
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsManecksha, Freny
Number of Pages146
CityNew Delhi

Set in the once-fabled land of Kashmir, Behold, I Shine moves beyond male voices and focuses, instead, on what the struggle means for the Valley's women and children-those whose husbands remain untraceable; whose mothers are half-widows; those who have confronted the wrath of 'Ikhwanis', or the scrutiny of men in uniform, and what it means to stand up to it all. Stitching together their narratives, Behold, I Shine not only memorializes women's voices-thus far forgotten, unwritten, suppressed or sidelined-but also celebrates the mighty spirit of the Valley.

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