From the Klondike to Berlin: The Yukon in World War I

TitleFrom the Klondike to Berlin: The Yukon in World War I
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsGates, Michael
Number of Pages267
PublisherBC Lost Moose
CityMadeira Park, British Columbia

Nearly a thousand Yukoners, a quarter of the population, enlisted before the end of the Great War. Historian Michael Gates tells us the stories of both those who left and those on the home front, including the adventures of Joe Boyle (1867-1923), who successfully escorted the Romanian crown jewels through Russia in spite of robbers, ambushes, gunfire, explosions, fuel shortages and barricades. Gates also recounts the home-front efforts of Martha Black (1866-1957), who raised thousands of dollars and eventually travelled to Europe where she acted as an advocate for the Yukon boys. 

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