War Within and Without: Irish Women in the First World War Era

TitleWar Within and Without: Irish Women in the First World War Era
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsRedmond, Jennifer, and Elaine Farrell
JournalWomen's History Review
Date Published02/2017

The period 1914–1918 was tumultuous in Ireland when conflict wrought by international tensions resulted in partition of the island into two jurisdictions: Northern Ireland and the Free State. Both were dominions within the British Commonwealth with domestic parliaments controlling internal affairs. Neither were the desired political outcome of the various factions who had protested, taken up arms, and eventually negotiated. Women were pivotal on both sides of the political divide. For those who wished to stay in the union with Great Britain, the First World War was a chance to demonstrate loyalty and to showcase the particular contributions of women. For those who wished to see the enactment of independence for Ireland, the First World War provided an opportunity to enact long-held ambitions for a violent revolution, with women participating in combat and non-combatant roles. Thus, in Ireland, the First World War had an additional layer of complexity given the national political context.

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