'Seeing' Gender, War and Terror

Title'Seeing' Gender, War and Terror
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsWalklate, Sandra
JournalCriminology & Criminal Justice
Date Published05/2018

This article explores the questions posed for criminology when war and terror are seen through a gendered lens. Following Barberet, this lens demands blurring the boundaries between peace-time, war-time and post-conflict situations. These boundaries frame the nomos of criminology and once challenged the connections to be made between the ‘callousness’ of femicide and the ‘callousness’ of environmental destruction are exposed. Using photographs as the vehicle through which such a challenge can be maintained, the gendered analysis that follows poses conceptual and methodological questions for the discipline which ultimately demands a reimagining of the contribution of criminology and victimology to understanding gendered violence(s).

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