The Women of Southwest Minnesota and the Great War

TitleThe Women of Southwest Minnesota and the Great War
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsGaul, Anita Talsma
PublisherSociety for the Study of Local and Regional History
CityMarshall, MN

The information gathered by a historian conducting primary source research on the history of women’s activities in southwestern Minnesota during World War I will broaden and deepen the understanding of the Great War and the events connected to it. By focusing on the contributions of women in a particular geographical location, a piece is added to the larger historical puzzle of what was happening in the region, the state, and the nation during the conflict. It will also make a significant historical contribution by focusing on the activities of the female chapter of the Woodstock Home Guard, which has received little attention due to the overall ignorance of its existence. [Reville County Historical Society]

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