Carve Her Name With Pride

TitleCarve Her Name With Pride
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1958
AuthorsGilbert, Lewis
Running Time1h 59min
Date Released02/18/1958
DistributorRank Film Distributors
CountryUnited Kingdom
Publication LanguageEnglish

The film, directed by Lewis Gilbert, is based on the true story of Special Operations Executive (SOE) agent Violette Szabo (1921–1945) who was captured and executed while serving in Nazi-occupied France. The film starts with Szabo's life in London early in the war and her marriage to French Army officer, Etienne Szabo, stationed in the city. Following Etienne's death in the North African front, Szabo enlisted as a spy for the SOE in France due to her language skills. On her second mission into occupied France, Szabo was captured by the German army, interrogated, tortured and deported to Ravensbrück concentration camp in Germany, where she was executed.

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