The War against Paris, 1871

TitleThe War against Paris, 1871
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsTombs, Robert
Number of Pages256
PublisherCambridge University Press

The Paris Commune of 1871 is one of the great failures in revolutionary history. This book, based on extensive archival research, is the first serious study of the role of the army in the civil war. It examines its composition and organization, its weaknesses and their effect on government policy, the steps taken to improve morale and discipline, the state of mind of officers and men and, finally, the conduct of the army in battle and the causes of the final bloodshed, in which about 20,000 Parisians were killed in the fighting or executed afterwards. Its purpose is to cast new light on the policy of the government and the problems of using an army in a civil war, and to tell for the first time the full tragedy of the suppression of the Commune, one of the bloodiest and least understood social conflicts in the history of modern Europe.

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