El papel de la mujer y el género en los conflictos

TitleEl papel de la mujer y el género en los conflictos
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
Number of Pages316
PublisherInstitute of Strategic Studies (IEEE) of the Spanish Ministry of Defense

This book analyzes and highlights the conditions in which women suffer the consequences of wars. It also studies the presence of women in the Armed Forces, how their military careers develop, what professional possibilities they have and what the functions are that they carry out in countries belonging to NATO, and countries of the European Union, especially Spain. This book is one of those documents that make us reflect on the status and situation of women in countries and areas where there are conflicts, wars, refugee camps, displaced populations who run away from the horror of what is around them as well as on the uses and customs that relegate women to situations of total inferiority with respect to men and even deny them in practice the right to education. [author]

Translated TitleThe Role of Women and Gender in Conflict
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