Impunité Zéro: Violences Sexuelles en Temps de Guerre: L'enquête

TitleImpunité Zéro: Violences Sexuelles en Temps de Guerre: L'enquête
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsBrabant, Justine, Leila Miñano, and Anne-Laure Pineau
Number of Pages240
PublisherÉditions Autrement

This book presents the findings of nine female journalists' investigations into sexual violence in wartime: from Jordanian refugee camps to the hallways of the United Nations, from the courtrooms of the International Criminal Court to bumpy Central African roads used by French soldiers, from crumbling Donetsk cells in Ukraine to quiet towns where prisoners attempt to rebuild themselves in Guantanamo. The journalists' unpublished work, conducted in these areas of conflict, brings together documents, but also exceptional testimonies of victims, executioners and whistleblowers. Above all, it exposes the failures of judicial systems that allow the perpetuation of sexual crimes.

Translated TitleZero Impunity: Sexual Violence in Wartime: The Investigation
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