La Shoah à l'Est : regards d'Allemands

TitleLa Shoah à l'Est : regards d'Allemands
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsUmansky, Andrej
Number of Pages315

2.2 million. That is the minimum number of Jews murdered en masse in Nazi-occupied Soviet territory – the majority with bullets – during the Holocaust (Shoah) between 1941 and 1944. Thousands of executions took place from eastern Galicia in Ukraine to the shores of the Baltic Sea, the Moscow forests and the confines of the Caucasus. Women, men, and children were shot on the outskirts of cities and villages. Not in secret, but in public. The Holocaust in the east always took place before spectators: a civil employee, a curious soldier, or even the child of an executioner. Mostly Germans, they recounted what they had seen in intimate journals, letters, or legal depositions after the war. By delivering these exceptional documents, Andrej Umansky brings to light this observation of passersby who came to witness, sometimes for only one day, the crime committed against the Jews. Neither executioners, nor victims, nor innocents, they make us dive deep into the human curiosity that provoked the murder of the Holocaust victims. [translated from author]

Translated TitleThe Holocaust in the East: Views of Germans
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