Entre el Sol y la Tormenta: Revolución, Guerra y Exilio de una Mujer Libre

TitleEntre el Sol y la Tormenta: Revolución, Guerra y Exilio de una Mujer Libre
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsBerenguer, Sara
Edition2nd (expanded)
Number of Pages336
CityValència, Spain

The testimony of a life consecrated to fight for freedom, this book is an exceptional document that allows us to better understand one of the most extraordinary episodes of the Spanish Civil War: the struggle of libertarian women. In those decisive moments of European history, these women went out to the street next to their companions to defend the Republic and the social revolution. After the war, many of them continued working for their ideas in exile. When the civil war broke out, Sara Berenguer (1919-2019) occupied various positions: Revolutionary Committee (CNT-FAI) of the neighborhood of Les Corts and Regional Committee of Catalunya of the building, wood and decoration industries (CNT-AIT). Activities that alternated with her collaboration as a teacher in the Cultural Association of Les Corts and in the Libertarian Youth. This work is her story of a life in revolution. 

Translated TitleBetween the Sun and the Storm: Revolution, War and Exile of a Free Woman
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