Indigènes / Days of Glory

TitleIndigènes / Days of Glory
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsBouchareb, Rachid
Running Time2h 55m
Date Released09/27/2006
DistributorTessalit Productions, Kiss Films, France 2 Cinéma
CountryFrance, Algeria
Publication LanguageFrench, Arabic

Rachid Bouchareb's powerful film chronicles the journey of four North African soldiers who join the French army to help liberate France from Nazi occupation during World War II, thereby redirecting attention to a region and demographic largely ignored by history. The film begins in North Africa where large numbers of indigènes (French Algerian Tirailleurs as well as Tunisian or Moroccan Goumiers) have been recruited into the French First Army of the Free French Forces, formed to liberate France from Nazi the Nazi occupation. The film explores in detail the discriminatory treatment of colonial North Africans by the white French and pays overdue tribute to the heroism of these forgotten troops.

Alternate Titleباديون
Original PublicationIndigènes
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