GWonline Learning & Teaching: Material on Selected Conflicts

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Suggestions for the Learning and Teaching of
Gender and War in Modern History


This site provides a selection of annotated material for the learning and teaching of the history of military, war and gender with a focus on seven selected conflicts in the last 250 years. The material selection includes secondary literature, timelines, maps, websites with primary documents, autobiographies, documentaries, movies and television series.

Material Suggestions on the Following Conflicts:

More material on individual conflicts, regions and genres can be found with a search on the GWonline site.


GWonline Learning & Teaching Team:

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  • Katie Laird, M.A. (UNC Chapel Hill, History Department)



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  • Aditi Kharod (UNC Chapel Hill, Political Science)
  • Neil Metha B.A. (UNC Chapel Hill, Media and Journalism & Information Science)
  • Haley Rose (UNC Chapel Hill, Peace, War and Defense, ROTC & Exercise and Sport Science)

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