Die Stellung halten: Kriegserfahrungen und Lebensgeschichten von Wehrmachthelferinnen

TitleDie Stellung halten: Kriegserfahrungen und Lebensgeschichten von Wehrmachthelferinnen
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsMaubach, Franka
Number of Pages349
PublisherVandenhoeck & Ruprecht

About 500,000 female aides were in the service of the German armed forces during the Second World War. Staff and news assistants helped in the office and at the switchboard in the administration of the occupied territories, and Flakhelfers fought at the air front for the German Reich. Their service differs from the images that are saved in the collective memory of the history of women during National Socialism; young women experienced the military and violence first-hand and took an active part in the German war effort. The mass military use of women was historically without tradition, yet many were actively involved. Franka Maubach examines the war experiences, the developments leading up to it, as well as those post-1945, and reconstructs a war-borne profile of this generation of women. German text. [Google Books]

Translated TitleHolding the Fort: War Experiences and Life Stories of Female Wehrmacht Helpers
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