Genre et armes dans les conflictualités locales en Bretagne (1789-1799)

TitleGenre et armes dans les conflictualités locales en Bretagne (1789-1799)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsMabo, Solenn
JournalAnnales historiques de la Révolution française
Date Published09/2018

Traditionally, women had been kept at arm’s length from any military organization. During the French Revolution, however, women’s armies and female soldiers showed themselves to be quite subversive. The French Revolution is a promising moment for observing the ways in which women’s armies and female soldiers participated in the conflict. The many occasions for conflict illuminate the different forms of the use of arms, when the scope of socio-political upheavals raises the question of a possible recomposition of gender norms. The local conflicts – specifically in the region of Brittany – are at the core of this analysis, as is an analysis of law and discourse of practices in a comparative perspective between masculine and feminine use of arms. [translated and modified from publisher]

Translated TitleGender and Weapons in Local Conflicts in Brittany
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