Freedom Fighter: My War against ISIS on the Frontlines of Syria

TitleFreedom Fighter: My War against ISIS on the Frontlines of Syria
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsPalani, Joanna
Number of Pages368
PublisherAtlantic Books

Joanna Palani made headlines across the world when her role fighting ISIS in the Syrian conflict was revealed. Inspired by the Arab Spring, Joanna left behind her student life in Copenhagen and travelled to the Middle East in order to join the YPJ - the all-female brigade of the Kurdish militia in Syria. After undergoing considerable military training, including as a saboteur and sniper, Joanna served as a YPJ fighter over several years and took part in the brutal siege of Kobani. Despite her heroism, she was taken in to custody on her return to Denmark for breaking laws designed to stop its citizens from joining ISIS, making her the first person to be jailed for joining the international coalition. In this memoir, Joanna not only provides an eye-witness account of this devastating war but also reveals the personal cost of the battles she has fought on and off the frontlines.

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